Daly River Agreement

An agreement between the Malak Malak Traditional Owners, the Northern Land Council and the Territory Government has been reached covering the waters over the Malak Malak Aboriginal Land Trust on the Daly River.

This agreement will guarantee access for fishers as well as investment into infrastructure, employment opportunities for marine rangers and environmental studies. The agreement provides formal access for commercial fishers (including fishing tour operators), as well as permission for recreational fishers and other recreational users to the waters overlying Aboriginal Land.

The agreement is for 20 years and all parties have committed to renegotiate prior to its expiry.

» Download the information brochure (pdf 1.6 mb)

Fishing the McArthur River and Sir Edward Pellew Islands brochure

Note: this brochure is only available online as a PDF download, if you require an alternative version please contact Recreational Fishing.

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